How to include pictures into episode

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I need help with figuring out how to use pictures in my episodes. For instance, I’d use a phone overlay and I would want the background to be the MC and a love interest. However, they are both customization. Or, a picture of the MC, who is also fully customizable .

How do I write that into a script?? Including the overlay.

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i dont think you can because if they’re fully customizable then you cant really put a picture of the original character, and if your readers are like me they probably wont even remember what the original character looks like and it will cause confusion and questions

I am not sure if the question is about how to upload own pictures or if the question is about how to have in the phone on background MC in the CC looking like the photo.

because this is totally different things.

1) Uploading Backgrounds -
is done in art cataog …dtto goes for overlays

1) Having character in the background of phone

It is similar to having character bein on TV - just on TV you give him animation to speak while being background in the phone you give him " pose animation" to make it look like a photo.

yeah do this, great idea

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You can do that! Just put them in an animation that has “pose” in its name and use the & command while placing them so it will look like a picture.

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