How to Instagram your story?

(First things first. English is not my first language and here’s no spelling check either so excuse me if there’s spelling mistakes :frowning:)

Now that may sound odd but i’ve never used Instagram and i never even thought about making an account but here i am. I just made the account literallly like 20 minutes ago and i honestly have no idea how it works. I understand how it’s suppoused to work but how does it exactly help me to find more readers? What do i have to do? I see there is some kind of following thing but… help!!
I wrote a story 2 years ago and took a loooooong break and now i’m writing a new one and i really want this one to be more sucessful than the last one. Or at least i wanna do everything i can to make it more attractive. I wanna publish it when it’s at least 5 chapters long. I’m currently working on chapter 4 so i still got some time to understand that Instagram thing :smiley:
Does username make any difference? Mine is merlin.episode.story. Is that good or i should change it?
Just give me tips and triks :frowning:
Thank you!!

If you need this: HOW TO: Basics of Instagram

When you make a post you can include episode hashtags in it so it’ll attract a wider audience. Start by following episode, episodecreators and then more episode accounts. Of course, it is helpful having episode in your username ^^

P.S some hashtag suggestions:

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