How to keep reader's chosen hair color in flashback of younger self?

I’m writing a story in which the reader can fully customize. I want to do a flashback scene with the main character as a little girl and I want her to have the hair and eye color the reader chose. How can you do this? Thank you!

When you let the reader customize the MC, you could spot her younger version offscreen and add her name to the customization template in the part of hair and eye color. For example:

@MC changes hair/eyesColor into Color Name
@YOUNGMC changes hair/eyesColor into Color Name

You could also use the ‘becomes’ command and then change her features to fit her younger self. For example:

@YOUNGMC becomes MC
@YOUNGMC changes hair into Hairstyle Name
@YOUNGMC changes mouth into Mouth Shape

And like that with the features you want to change :blush:


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