How to keep them from turning around when they walk to a spot in rear

@/SUMMER walks to spot 1.172 202 68 AND SUMMER is walk_rear

Come on.

@/SPENCER walks to spot 0.209 139 442 in 2 AND SPENCER faces left AND SPENCER is walk_rear AND SUMMER walks to spot 0.200 163 441 in 2 AND SUMMER faces left AND SUMMER is walk_rear

@pause for a beat

&SPENCER spot 0.209 421 467 AND SUMMER spot 0.200 386 452

So in this screen when summer walks to her spot next to Spencer she turns around before her and Spencer walks to the door, then once they both reach the door they turn around again. I want them to stay facing rear. I have tried adding @ SUMMER is rear and &SUMMER is rear and she still truns around then turns back rear…

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Use “does it while” not “is” when you have a character walking while doing an animation.


Oh okay thank you, I tried everything to keep them from faceing the screen then going back rear and was like I just don’t get it lol Thanks :slight_smile:

There still turning around once they get to there spot instead of staying rear.

You need to make her be rear immediately after she walks

@/SUMMER walks to spot 1.172 202 68 AND SUMMER does it while walk_rear THEN SUMMER starts rear

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Thank you just tried it and it worked. :slight_smile:

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