How to keep your progress in different devices (Ibis Paint X)

Hey guys!
So, I got a new phone because the last one didn’t work anymore and now I don’t know how to get my progress from the old phone.
The app is Ibis Paint X and if someone has been in the same situation please tell me how did you solve this.
Thanks a lot.
Maria P. Whiberlli

Hey I used to have the same issue but I don’t think you can get your progress back, I just re-downloaded it and started over though you contact support and ask :slight_smile:

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Really? That a bummer… I had lots of started edits that I can’t finish now.
Still, I’ll wait to see if someone knows how it’s if it’s possible.

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Yeah Ofc np :slight_smile:

Actually, you can! Here’s how you can save/transfer your progress in ibisPaint X.

  1. Click on the artwork on your OLD device that you want to save on your new device.
  2. Press the ‘Share’ icon besides the ‘Play video’ button.
  3. Press on ‘Artwork (IPV)’ option.
  4. Send your IPV file to your OWN Gmail address.
  5. Open that SAME Gmail file you sent to yourself in your NEW device.
  6. Tadaa! There you have it! Make sure to install ibisPaint X on your new device before doing all these steps.

Still facing problems? Gmail me at for help.

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So in sum you’d have the art but you can’t transfer it onto the app itself?

I used airdrop and transferred my art from my old IPad to my new 8th gen IPad. I went to Ibispaint click the share button on the artwork you want to continue or share with your other device. Click artwork. Then make sure both devices have Airdrop turned on to “everyone”. Wait until you see your new other device to show up on your old one. Click on it. And wait for it to ask a question about the other device waiting on it to accept it. Click “accept” and it should start to send. It will then say sent.