How to keep your readers entertained?

I’m trying to write a story but when I read it it’s so boring and total cringe. I keep writing it over and over again but I never seem to be satisfied. Does anybody have any tips on how to make stories less boring and keep your readers involved and excited for more episodes?

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You can check out my thread, It might help you :heart:

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Something that has helped me quite a lot is trying to imagine the scene I just wrote in my head as if I was watching a movie or even read the dialogue out loud and badly act it out to myself. It’s a lot easier to catch characters behaving not like human beings this way and a lot easier to come up with things you would actually say in a conversation - and I feel like if the character dynamics are good and fun, even the most mundane of events start looking a lot more interesting :slight_smile:

Aside from that I would say have dynamic characters and a dynamic world. There should be things happening that are not just a tool to push the plot forward. Side characters should have lifes and so on. That way there is always something to fill a blank with - you need some time until your next big twist? Check in with what is happening in the life of the MCs best friend for example.

And the mos overused tip probably - show don’t tell. Try to find ways to show a character being honest, instead of saying it. That’s pretty obvious probably, but the thing I feel is usually missing with telling instead of showing is that we never see characters in their day to day lives and they just feel fake. Like of course we’re not gonna be describing every move they make but, filling the space between plot points with “and then i went home and that was it” snaps me out of immersion, I feel.

Not sure if this is the sort of feedback you were looking for, but it’s kind of hard to give good feedback without having read the story :slight_smile:

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