How to know what gender to use for the rest of the story

Hi! So I made a customization in my game where you choose your gender and I want to know what character to use for the rest of the story cause what if the reader chose a girl but I use a boy in the story or what if they choose a boy but I use a girl in the story, if you know how to fix this, thank you!

I’m no expert… but If you let the reader decide to play as either a boy or girl… then surely you have to script the story for both options in your story, as you won’t know which option the reader picked …

okay makes sense!

It’s very simple. There is a template to use made by Dara-amerie.

You basically use gains and the if and else comands to direct your readers to the correct version of your script. And like Stormsky said you have to make 2 versions of your script. Dara-amerie shows you where to put which version of your script

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