How to label one choice option? Can I?

I am trying to have a choice merge into another choice so that there is one storyline. I was going to label the choice, then have the other choice goto that label. However, I get error messages. is it possible? I’m confused?

Are you trying to have your story remember choices? Please explain.

Here’s my script:
choice (ideas)
“Share an idea with Riley” {
YOU (talk_handsopen_happy_loop)
Maybe we can put some plants in a sunny window, and others in one of our closets.
We can watch them grow and prove that plants are healthiest when they get lots of sunlight.

    RILEY (talk_unsure)
That sounds okay...
But I'm really more interested in testing something that has to do with
Sports, or exercise.

    YOU (idle_sad_serious_loop)
(Sports or exercise?)
(Those subjects don't sound very scientific.)

    RILEY (talk_armsraised_neutral)
Maybe we should each do our own projects.
Then we can study what we are really interested in.
What do you think?

choice (own project)
“Do your own project” {
YOU (talk_armraised_sad)
Yeah, we probably shouldn’t work together.
I’m much more interested in studying plants than exercise or sports.
RILEY (talk_reassure_neutral)
We can still cheer each other on!
YOU (talk_holdfist_happy_loop)

} “Partner with Riley on the exercise experiment” {

@YOU is dance_club_happy_loop (this is a filler)

} “Ask Riley what she’s thinking about doing” {
YOU (talk_handsopen_happy_loop)
Do you have ideas for the science fair?
RILEY (talk_armsraised_neutral)
A couple.
I’ve noticed that soccer balls fly higher or farther,
Depending on how much air is in them.
YOU (talk_doubtful)
Interesting… What other ideas?
RILEY (talk_explain_neutral)
Or we could test how exercise affects brainpower.
YOU (think_rubchin)
(I like brainpower one better,)
(It seems more scientific.)
(But I think Riley likes her soccer ball one more)
(And I still think my own ideas are more likely to win.)
choice (choose one of riley’s ideas)
“Vote for exercise and brainpower” {
@YOU is dance_drop_it

So, I’m trying to have the choice "vote for exercise and brainpower merge with the choice “partner with riley on the exercise experiment” by labeling the first one and then directing a goto there, but it gives me errors. help? :frowning:

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Ok, I understand. One sec :slightly_smiling_face:

@Nellinthesea I hope this helps. I also made a few edits to dialogue! Hope you don’t mind (: You may make any changes you like.

I don’t understand… It seems like you rewrote the script without actually fixing the problem…

What does the error say and to which line is the error taking you?

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"Error, Unexpected block end: Did you forget the { which goes with }, or forget to put the word “choice” in front of this operation?

I don’t think I did either of those, so I’m stuck. -->These errors come up when I have

label exercise
} “Partner with RIley on the exercise experiment” {

It takes me to the line with “partner with riley on the exercise experiment” line.

I’m not sure if I really understand what you’re trying to, but I think this is it:

Okay, so in your script, your have this template:

choice (own project)
“Do your own project” {

} “Partner with Riley on the exercise experiment” {

@YOU is dance_club_happy_loop (this is a filler)

And then, you have the next line:

} “Ask Riley what she’s thinking about doing” {

Is this a new choice template or does it belong with the current choice template?
If it belongs with the other choices, you need to remove the } after @YOU is dance_club_happy_loop.

If you’re trying to remember choices, then you should work with if/elif/else. See this thread: HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

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