HOW TO: Labels and Gotos 🖤

Hey there, I’m going to talk about labels and gotos! :wave: :revolving_hearts:

A goto leads to a label that it shares the same name with. For example goto friend would lead to label friend. You can have duplicate gotos within an episode that all share the same name but you can’t have duplicate labels in an episode. This can be seen with a customization template; for example, when you’re getting your hair customized and choosing from short hair styles, all the gotos share the same name and will lead you back to one label for short hair styles. In addition, you can name your label and goto anything however label and goto names cannot contain spaces or special characters such as &. If you write label spooky house, you will get an error. You also can’t end an episode on a label. Another thing is that labels cannot go inside of if/elif/else statements and they can’t go inside of choices. Instead, you’ll need to put a goto in if/elif/else statements and/or choices and this would lead to a label outside of them. Then you can use another goto to merge both pathways, and this that would lead to a label that it shares the same name with.

Here’s an example I showed someone in regards to labels & if/elif/else statements & choices:

You can’t have labels inside of if/elif/else statements and you can’t have labels inside of choices.


Pick your fav color.

label blue_color

It is also wrong to have it inside of if/elif/else.

You need to have a goto that leads to a label outside of them.

*Example over.

Anyways, to continue:

A reminder that if you do get a duplicate label warning because you have two labels (let’s say label makeup) in your episode, you can fix the duplicate label by either adding something to it or re-naming it. For example, I can add a 2 to it so that it becomes label makeup2. However, remember that if you do this, you need to add a 2 to the gotos as well so that they will lead to label makeup2 (so, ONLY for the gotos that would lead to this label). If you forget to do this, then you’ll get an error saying your label doesn’t exist. If you do add a 2 to the gotos so that it becomes goto makeup2 but miss one, then what will happen is that goto makeup in your second makeup game that you labeled makeup2 will lead ALL THE WAY back to label makeup which will just mess up everything up. You don’t want that, you want a smooth flow to your story. So yeah, if you have a dressing game in your episode, and decide to use it again, you will need to change the label for the second one and make sure the gotos of the second dressing game match the new label you use as well.

The duplicate labels rule is only present per episode. If you use label fun in episode 1, you can use it again once in episode 2 and so forth.

P.S I go more into why it’s bad to duplicate labels on my thread: JemU776's Help Thread (link will automatically lead you to the post about it)

Feel free to check it out <3

Here’s a picture:

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