How to let objections 'fly' in the room?

Hi guys, I need help with how to make an object ‘fly’ into the room. You know like if the character is throwing an object that that object ‘flies’ into the room to a spot. I hope y’all understand lol.


Now, I don’t know the exact coding for this but this video might be some use:

Hope this helped!

Thank you but that’s not what i meant actually :p. In the video the overlay is standing still and i meant like a prop or something is moving through the room.

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Oh ok, sorry I can’t help much then xD

no problem :slight_smile:

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You have to do it like ‘@overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to POSITION’ and the exact position you can get while previewing the story :slightly_smiling_face:


omgg thankss! Does it also work with props?

And position? do you mean ‘screen left/right/etc’ or can you do ‘spot numbers’ in capital?

You need to shift an overlay, it doesn’t work with props.

@overlay OVERLAY shifts to x y in s in zone #

OVERLAY= your overlay’s name

x= like in spotting, from left to right

y= also just like spotting, from top to bottom

s= the number of seconds it takes the overlay to move.

zone= the zone the overlay is shifting at, if you won’t write what zone, it will automatically shift in zone 1.

you can find the right x and y by using the directing helper in the app/ web previewer.

you can upload a prop as an overlay and it will be like the prop is the one who’s flying.
go to the guides to learn more about overlay animations, you can do a lot of cool things with them.

@LisavanWijk I hope this helps you.


Yess thankyou!

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