How to let readers choose a name?

Okay. So I am working on writing my first episode story (finally!) I’ve already typed up the script in a word processor on my laptop and thank you everybody for the advice on doing that. Yes, it was helpful.

However, I am having trouble with episode’s syntax. I would like to give my readers the option to choose a name for their selves:

#THE READER writes their name

label name_input

input What’s Your First Name? |What’s Your First Name?|Done (NAME)

if (NAME is “”) {

What is your name?

goto name_input

} else {


How do I get the character’s name to change from “The Reader” to whatever name a player types in?


This video should help you!

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You should try Jospeh Evans tutorials on youtube for this! He has lots of tutorials available in ink and limelight, for simple and more advanced coding! :blob_sun: :blob_hearts:

So... what's your name?

label first_name_input

input What’s Your First Name?|What’s Your First Name?|Done(NAME)

if (NAME is “”) {

You do need a name...

goto first_name_input

} else {

Changing the display name of the said character to “NAME” will allow it to show up as whatever name the reader typed in and when referring to this name in dialogue or narrations you will need to place it into square brackets like this, [NAME].

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Thank you! That helped a lot.

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Okay, to make sure that I understand this correctly:

Example script:

label scene1


#[#NAME] writes their name

Avatar - Name Input {

So…what’s your name?

label first_name_input

input What’s Your First Name? | What’s Your First Name? | Done(FIRSTNAME)

if (FIRSTNAME is “”){

You do need a name…

goto first_name_input

} else {
} else {
redo goto first_name_input

label scene2

inside of the portal, the script looks like this:


[#NAME], take the dog out for a walk.
#let’s pretend the player named their self ROSE

Okay mom.

@YOU walk to screen right

label scene3

on the app the script supposed to look like this:


Tiffany is that you?

No, my name is Rose
-the app replaces [#NAME] with Rose

Example script over

(I hope I didn’t confuse anybody.) So, if I was to type in the portal [#NAME] then on the Episode app, it is going to show up as whatever the player typed in for a name? Correct?

You don’t need the # within this script and “[NAME]” will not work because your input is “FIRSTNAME” so you will need to change “[NAME]” to “[FIRSTNAME]” in order for them to match and work.

You don’t need this part:

And you don’t need this:

Thank you. Glad I asked.


Hey I am really late but like if you say the character says this

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They are giving me a error for (FIRSTNAME) and I also tried [FIRSTNAME] but still a error please helppp I am stuck

You have to continue using the script name in the script. “FIRSTNAME” is only used for the display name and for dialogue when you want a character to say that name.

I still do not understand czn you do a example please

so how to let them talk with the name that the readers choose? bcuz it shows auto bot :frowning: or will you see the name that the character choose bcuz as I said it is showing auto bot

Sorry thismy first time making a story :slight_smile:

No the script name. There’s a difference between a script name and a display name. The script name is the name you named your character when you created them. Let’s say I named my character DARA when I created her and added the input code so readers can change the name so the display name would be FIRSTNAME. You have to keep using the script name in the script.

DARA (talk_animation)
Hi, my name is [FIRSTNAME]

@DARA is laugh_animation


Omg thank you so much you are such a help I watched a youtube vid and they told me not to do that so it is supposed to show auto bot right?

The web previewer doesn’t show the input code and seeing “autobot” above the name is normal. When you test your story in the app you’ll see the input code and the name you type in will show up


Omg thanks you are my goto teacher!

Reading it is confusing me now can you like do it in story form plese

As Dara said, the script name is the name you use upon creating a character. You cannot change the script name. It’s used for commands when it comes to animations and movement. E.g
@VIKTORIA is eyeroll_subtle
The script name has no impact on the display name, it’s just used to identify the character and give them commands.

The display name could be anything. If you leave it blank, there will be no name on the character’s speech/narration bubbles. If you type something into the display name, it will show up on the character’s bubbles regardless of their script name.
BUT if you want readers to name the character you need to have:

In your script because that is the code that will enable readers to input a name. In this case, I used “NAME” instead of “FIRSTNAME” but you could use anything for example: CHARNAME, FNAME, NICKNAME. Anything really, but what is important with this is that you have it matched throughout your code.
If you decide to say, use “NAME”
you will need to make sure it’s here:
input What’s Your First Name?|What’s Your First Name?|Done(NAME)

and here:
if (NAME is “”) {

and set as the display name:

Then when you want to refer to the name in dialogue and narration, you will use “NAME” as well, but with these brackets: [NAME].

A script example:

VIKTORIA (talk_angry_loop)
I told you that my name is [NAME]!

“VIKTORIA” = the script name (not visible to reader).
“[NAME]” = input name, (visible to reader), will also appear on bubbles if the display name is also “NAME”


Thx I understand better I am trying to write a story to publish it but I am having troubles with coding so this really helped

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No problem!