How to let readers skip to a certain chapter?

I noticed a lot of stories have a choice at the beginning where the reader can choose to go to (for example) ch. 1 to ch.26, like skip to that chapter. How can one do this?

Here’s the template you can use:
For example:
Do you want to skip Episode 5?
goto end
}“No, I want to read it!”{
goto story

label story
(storyline goes here)

label end
(end of storyline goes here)

Hope that helps :blush::blob_hearts:

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Thanks! But I meant not just skipping one episode, but skipping a bunch of episodes at once. Like from ch. 1 to ch. 3 without reading ch. 2

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That’s not possible, you’ll need to do it with skipping single episodes.

Are you sure? I’ve seen it multiple times, even with a story that was from classic characters. I can’t think of the name right now, but it was really popular. The author used it since a lot of people had to restart so the readers could skip to whatever chapter they left off on.

This might be helpful in a way? (So it is possible, but I personally haven’t seen it before I searched it here)

Dripping Mascara was one of them that I thought about too! Forgot the name haha. It’s a shame nobody figured out how to do it yet, maybe I’ll contact the author and ask them. Thanks for your help!

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