How to let the reader choose name and customize their character?

Hi, I’m extremely new to all of this. I was just wondering if anyone could drop the coding for letting the reader customize their name and character for the limelight art style?

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Go on YouTube and look it up I found a good one on there :wink:

for CC, just write @CHARACTER goes to character avatar unless you want to do something specific with it

for the name, I wrote:

Hi, my name is…

label first_name_input

input My name is…|My name is…|Done(NAME)
if (NAME is “”) {
Please enter a name. It doesn’t have to be your own.

goto first_name_input
} else {

and then, you just use [NAME] in your code. as in “Hi, [NAME].”

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btw, if you want to know to use that picked name it depends if you used you or not


That’s all I know

Let’s say you named your character YOU.

In the script, you would write:
input What’s your name? | What’s your name? | Done (YOU)

And that is ALL you write to let a reader choose their name, whether it be ink or limelight.

Example below
So in the script, you’d write:

YOU (talk_greet_neutral)
Hey, my name is [YOU] and I’m a rockstar.

Hope this helped!


For Limelight CC template, check out this thread:

You will find what are you are looking for and remember to give credit-Episode has their own CC template too (that you will find on the side of your script) but with limited features.
Good luck with your story!

I know to let the reader choose their name but when I try to put the avatar limelight template with the name choosing it does not work.

if you do that, do you see "you"or the name the reader chose above the text message

if you want the character to be named the chosen name instead of you, do you name the character [FIRSTNAME]?