HOW TO light (turn on) fairy lights

Hi everyone,

I’ve got my fairy lights overlay and I was wondering if it’s possible to have them a “light effect”, like the lights are on.

Thank you in advance !



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Hi, many thanks!!!

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Hey can someone tell me how I ask a question on here???

goto the three lines in the top of the screen, select latest then create topic

I cannot see a create topic button anywhere

i meant new topic lmao sorry


There you can seee the “NEW TOPIC” button.


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I don’t know why but I still can’t see it

This is what I can see

That’s weird, can you try to close it and open it again?

Dw I’ve found it

You first need to play the whole tutorial with that @discobot , before you can make a new thread

not true. I have done discobot actully today but I am on forum for half year and I was able to create topics.

Really? That’s weird, I HAD to do the discobot before I could post. Anyway, @mim1 you can always try it if you haven’t completed it. :slight_smile:

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