How to loop overlays?

Okay. So I’ve read a million things on looping overlays but I have no idea how to do it. can anybody help?


How to loop overlays:

To read about overlays, check out: DARA’S GUIDE: Overlays



This is so helpful! Thank you so much :blush:

Can you help me get it to loop neatly please? This is my script and below are the road background and road overlay

@overlay 4963897588973568_WIDESCREEN_TV shifts to -295 -203
@overlay 4963897588973568_WIDESCREEN_TV scales to 4.078 4.078
@overlay 4963897588973568_WIDESCREEN_TV opacity 0.5 in 0
@overlay CAR SIDE PURPLE shifts to -50 -6
@overlay CAR SIDE PURPLE scales to 0.658 0.658
@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@MAIN CHARACTER spot 1.280 32 -176 AND MAIN CHARACTER faces right AND MAIN CHARACTER is idle_armscrossed_awkward_loop AND DAWN spot 1.280 119 -180 AND DAWN faces right AND DAWN is idle_cup_neutral_loop
&overlay LOOP_ROAD_DAY shifts to [a spot to the left] in zone 2 in 1 THEN overlay LOOP_ROAD_DAY shifts to [a spot to the right] in zone 2 in 1 loop 5 times

How do you stop the loop?
For instance, if I had a character walking on a looping overlay I created with the loop infinite times command, how would I get that overlay to kind of stop and let the character walk off the screen?

I’m probably incredibly late, but you can’t really stop an infinite loop command. Maybe add another overlay of the same thing to replace with and have to opacity 0 until it’s needed? Or just set the loop to a certain number of times instead of infinite.


Hi does anyone know how to put a character over a overlay because my overlay is a motorbike and i made the motorbike overlay loop but how do you make the characters move with the overlay, can someone please help me

Yes! All you have to do is make the character walk while the motorbike is moving, and just have the character doing an animation. Just make sure they’re OVER the overlay.


&overlay MOTORBIKE moves to layer 4
&overlay MOTORBIKE shifts to spot in 1
&CHARACTER moves to layer 5
@CHARACTER walks to spot in zone in 1 AND CHARACTER does it while idle_sit_neutral_loop AND CHARACTER faces direction

honestly the best thing to do is just add a new scene with the same background and copy your character placements and just zoom in on your character- it will probably look cleaner and be easier then the an overlay xo