🏔 HOW TO: Loop your own Background

First, you need your background (for best effect choose 2-3 zone background)

2 zones - 1280 x 1136
3 zones - 1920 x 1136

You need to upload your background as an OVERLAY

To do that you need to change your background to PNG and most likely resize it as overlay size must be less than 1MB

Then you need to upload created overlay to your art catalog


  • Pick any background (avoid using INT. BLACK - DAY/NIGHT as it’s hard to find overlays in it)
  • Enlarge the overlay so its cover the full screen using Directing Helper - Overlay Helper - Scale
  • Copy the size (your X and Y value should be 0 0)

INT. BLUE - DAY with FORESTLOOP to 2.206 0 0
NOTE: Size may vary and depends on your overlay.

Looping command:

X and Y value

X axis - horizontal
Y axis - vercital

I used 3-panel background and I lopped infinite times, going to zone 2 then 3 then jumping back to the zone 1. You can time your loop, I used 2.0 seconds, but you can make it faster or slower.

Here is the full code and overlay I used for this example:

INT. BLUE - DAY with FORESTLOOP to 2.206 0 0
&overlay FORESTLOOP shifts to -320 0 in zone 1 in 2.0 THEN overlay FORESTLOOP shifts to -640 0 in zone 1 in 2.0 THEN overlay FORESTLOOP shifts to 0 0 in zone 1 in 0 loop INFINITE times


Omg!! Thank you for this tutorial!!

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This is very helpful! Thanks for the advice!! :hugs::kissing_heart:




Thanks for this, I bet it will help many others!


What are the dimensions for a PNG file? Sorry I’m not sure how 1MB relates to resizing the background.
I’m using a photo resize program and it doesn’t give a choice of 1MB so I need the exact dimensions or if you have an idea of how to change the size to 1MB that will help as well

thanks so much

MB refers to the file size, anything over 1MB can’t be uploaded.

You’d need to compress it down using sites like this if it’s over 1MB (and they will tell you if your overlay is too large of a file size).

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Thank you so very much.

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awsome thanks for the help

I’m kinda confused…
So, I have the inside of a car & I plan on using it as a overlay. But, I was wondering, how do I make it look like it’s moving from the outside, like how do I make a road move to make it look like the car is moving from the outside?

if you want to do it from the top it won’t look good. Just use a static background or use side view of the car or inside the car,

What is a static background?

Non-moving background.

So I want to make a loop of this background of a street, I already have it in background size and everything. So I turn it into a PNG file and upload it as an overlay?

I’m really bad at this Episode coding thing :frowning:

yes, you need to upload as an overlay :slight_smile:

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Bumping cause this actually works! I had to adjust for my overlay but It works amazingly! Thanks Apes :slight_smile: