🏔 HOW TO: Loop your own Background


Bumping cause this actually works! I had to adjust for my overlay but It works amazingly! Thanks Apes :slight_smile:


Bump! :smile:


I still can’t get it to work :frowning: Would you mind to help me with this a bit?

I uploaded the background EXT. MANHATTAN SKYLINE - NIGHT as an overlay because I want to put a car overlay over it and make the background loop faster (as if the car is driving really fast).

EXT. BLUE - DAY with NIGHT CITY CAR to 1.349 0 0
@transition fade in
&overlay NIGHT CITY CAR shifts to -110 -61 in zone 2 in 1 THEN overlay NIGHT CITY CAR shifts to -22 -61 in zone 2 in 1 loop INFINITE times

This is the code I have now and clearly it’s not looking good lol :smiley:


sorry just seen this, is it working now? :slight_smile:

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That’s fine :slight_smile: Honestly I thought of just leaving the scene out or replacing it with something bc I can’t do it… although it would be so good to have it.


PM me your overlay :slight_smile:


This is not working for me


do you have any errors?




PM me your code :slight_smile:


How would I get it to loop the other way/loop left? If that makes sense :rofl: I’m trying to get my character to walk down a street facing left


I never tried it but I think this should work too! :grin:


Okay so I have this problem:
When the overlay has shifted to its end and is supposed to move back to the beginning, it doesn’t look like a smooth loop like the default Episode Loop BGs do. It literally jumps back and it really bothers me… :worried:


check out this thread :slight_smile:


You can use easing functions

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BUMP! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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