How to lose weight? At least how not to lose motivation?

I wanna have a glow up and I need to lose 70 lbs. I’ve always been overweight. And you know where this story is going to lead. No. I don’t do it for others. I don’t care that the other people are ignorant. I just want it for myself. The main reason I want to do it is because we don’t get good clothes. Most of them will be for the skinny people. Most of the times even the biggest size is too small for me. I want to wear clothes that are my style.
I am 170lbs and 5’1. I should be 100lbs.

I started working out 2 weeks ago. I worked out too much. I woke up in pain the next day. It’s because I’ve never been working out that much in my life. The last time it was 2016 and I lost 2lbs for a day from working out. I should have stick with it but I got lazy. Now my goal by the end of the year is 154lbs. I downloaded a bunch of working out apps.

I just get demotivated lazy or idk. Idk but I need motivation. But from where? How do you guys get motivated to work out? And also I get demotivated when I wake up in the morning with no pain.


im 196 lbs

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140 pounds! I need to lose 20. I’ve gained too much during quarentine and I’m not motivated at all. Shall we pm each other?




It’s helped me over the past six months so I thought I should tell you about it .


I’ve never really ‘liked’ exercise, but if you find something that you enjoy doing i.e. tennis, swimming, cardio etc then you’ll probably see the results you want a lot sooner. You don’t need to have intense full body exercises - that’s actually quite bad for your body if you do it everyday. When finding something you like, you’ll find motivation. Good luck! :crazy_face::blush:

Side note: stores really should have a wider variety of clothing sizes.

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Maybe just be happy with who you are right now, no one is perfect. Being happy with who you are will most likely give you that motivation without you even noticing. Hope it works out for you though. Good Luck :grin:

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Planks are apparently really effective. Drink lotsss of water (like 1 hour before u eat too, it’ll make you feel full.) Cold showers (they help with boosting ur metabolism) Drink green tea (also helps boosting your metabolism) Cucumber water is apparently meant to help.

Next time you feel hungry ask yourself if you want an apple, if the answers no then you probably are just bored and not hungry.

These are just things ive read or heard about, good luck!

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Drink lot’s of water. It really helps :))

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I’ve always been pretty fit bc of dance but I did hit a point when I stopped dancing bc of work and I was gaining weight. I joined a CrossFit class and LOVED IT!!! Not suggesting CrossFit specifically but I know a class type setting is much easier for me to stick with than just the gym. You make friends, people hold you accountable and you switch up your routine. I think when you start doing that regularly healthy eating follows! Hope that helped!!!

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