How to make 3d backgrounds?

hi. i’ve read many episode stories that uses 3d background and i found it very fascinating! could anybody explain to me how to make 3d backgrounds? thanks before!

wdym 3d backgrounds?

i am so confused wdym by “3d backgrounds”

Yeah, I was thinking that too.

Could we please have an example?

do you mean gifs or animated overlays? is free, maybe youll find something there

You can place overlays tho. That kinda does it…

sorry for the confusion, it’s like the backgrounds that created by @/

alright, i’ll search them up. thank you very much!

I know that J.Miley uses Daz3D but I don’t think it’s free.

I mean 3d means value, and stuff like that so every background is 3d in Episode :thinking: