How to make a background blurry?



I just read a story called “the new girl” by saige mercer. She is a pure talent with real directing skills. She uses an effect that makes the background blurred so that the character comes out more clearly. Someone who knows how to do that?
It was like a transition from ordinary to flurry…

Blurred Background Problems SOS

She may have made the background blurry then uploaded it as a new background. :thinking:


Same, I’m wondering too. I have made blurry backgrounds but I’m not sure how to fade it into blurry with using @transition fade in black.


@WinterMoon05 do you know how to do the above? Transition it in? Maybe she used overlays, idk?


It might be an overlay and they faded the blurry overlay in, however you do that :woman_shrugging:t3:


Yeaa, thank you. I didn’t think about using overlays :blush:


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It was an overlay with a blurry effect, you make the overlay be opacity 0 then opacity 1 in some number of seconds.


@overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 0 in 0

@overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 1 in #of seconds u want it to fade





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