How to make a character bigger or smaller?

I need to show a flashback to when my character was a child, how do I make her smaller?

Move her, in the previewer, go to directing helper > Spot helper, and then select Move, then select the character and move her to the correct size. x

but how do I save that to the script?

Just press save it should work

it doesn’t… should I copy something to the script?

@CHARACTER spot % x y
you can also do
@CHARACTER walks to spot % x y in t

what about when I use the spot director on cell, does that still work? I know this thread is really old, but I need to figure out how to save it on cellphone or do I need to do it on the computer’s version?

You can move the character on the app using the Directing Helper, but it doesn’t actually save. You need to then write down the lettering from the bottom of the screen onto the script. Hope that makes sense!

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