How to make a character exit backwards?

I don’t know if this is an obvious thing but how do you make a character exit the scene backwards, as though they’re backing away from something. so far i have:

@EXTRA 2 CHEF is walk_neutral AND EXTRA 2 CHEF faces left AND EXTRA 2 CHEF exits right in 3

but the character still turns around to walk forwards. (They’re exiting to the right)

Do you know how to use spot directing? because that will probably be the best solution for this situation


@EXTRA 2 CHEF exits right in 3 and EXTRA 2 CHEF does it while walk_neutral and EXTRA 2 CHEF faces left


Hey, idk if I did right but I needed to make my character walk backwards too and this was the command;

@EMBER exits left AND EMBER faces right AND EMBER is walk_scared

I dunno if it will help, but for me worked. :slight_smile:

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Hey idk if this will help but you could try:

&CHARACTER faces left
@CHARACTER exits right in 3

if that doesn’t work then try this:

@CHARACTER exits right AND CHARACTER exits right in 3

You don’t need to add “is walk_neutral” because when characters exit, they are walk_neutral by default anyway. You only need to add that part in if your want your character to be doing a different animation while exiting. Like talking or dancing, etc

I hope this could help!! :grin::grin:

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