How to make a character face back and do an animation?

Hi. I’m having problems because I want my character to face another. Basically Damien is hugging Brooklyn while she is crying but I want her to face back but it’s not letting me.

The coding:
Some people might say it was my fault but...It isn't.

@BROOKLYN is cry_sniff_sad_loop

I was young and had no idea on what I was doing.

I was a goddamn teenager for f*ck's sake!

&DAMIEN spot 1.370 82 6 in zone 1
&DAMIEN moves to layer 2
@DAMIEN walks to spot 1.370 82 6 in zone 1 AND DAMIEN is hug_nervous_loop
@DAMIEN moves to layer 2
@DAMIEN faces right
@DAMIEN is hug_nervous_loop

@BROOKLYN is idle_rear AND BROOKLYN is cry_sob_sad_loop

I felt like I was going to faint but before I could Damien caught me.

If anyone can help then I would be really greatful!

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You are trying to combine 2 different animations. You cannot do this. The only way to have Brooklyn face rear while crying is if there is a rear crying animatinon


Try changing the face direction like @BROOKLYN faces left AND DAMIEN faces left AND DAMIEN is hug_nervous_loop AND BROOKLYN is cry_sob_sad_loop

It will be like she has turned her back at him. You just have to put her for example in the layer 3 and Damien in the layer 2

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@BROOKLYN moves to layer 3
@DAMIEN moves to layer 2

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Thank you!

I don’t why but it still looks like this

What are you trying to do?

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From what I gather she wants it to look like he’s hold her while she cries? The problem is that with Episode animations being what they are, I don’t think (other than a custom pose, or limb overlays) that it can be done to the way they’re envisioning it.


You could have her momentarily be crying and then have her hug him

@BROOKLYN is cry_sob_sad_loop 
@pause for (however long- I suggest doing it between narrations) 
@BROOKLYN is hug_neutral_loop_rear 

or you can change Damiens overlay to be in front of Brooklyn and have him do the hug_neatrual_loop_rear animation and then change Brooklyns position so you can see her crying over his shoulder

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Oh ok that makes sense.

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Thank you but that isn’t working for me. I don’t know if I’m doing the coding wrong but it isn’t working.

Just turn Brooklyn’s face to the right. Like @Brooklyn faces right AND BROOKLYN is cry_sob_sad_loop