How to make a character move?


So in many stories I see characters like shifting to a certain spot and they’re not walking, they’re kind of being dragged. Does anyone know how to accomplish that? Also, can I spot in a certain amount of seconds?


They need to walk to a spot/position while doing an animation. And just add in T (T is time in seconds)

@CHARACTER walks to [spot] in T and CHARACTER faces left/right and CHARACTER does it while [animation]


Some of them arent walking, like I’ve read stories where the character is in the chair and then she is slowing getting lower to sit on the chair. If that makes sense. Is the author just spotting them and using seconds?


They “walk” while doing an animation, like “idle” or any other animation. And yes they use seconds


wow, thanks. i totally didnt know you could use seconds when spotting! Im gonna try it sometime! @ryan or @jeremy pls close