How to make a character shorter?

I’ve tried so many times and every time I go to preview it she is the default height again. Even on the mobile preview too

Did you use spot directing in the portal?

i used it in both mobile and portal and it still didn’t work and idk why

what MAY be wrong

i can’t know for sure, but this may be what’s wrong. using the command “side to position” and then using “spot” doesn’t work from what i’ve noticed.


this will help and make it smooth if this is your problem💛

where i found out

i realized when i was using my background characters. i’m still moving them around, but this is my main point though.

if this isn’t it, then directly asking someone who would know can help. i am not an adult nor am i an expert on episode. if you want, you can share a screenshot of your script and i’ll see if i know how to fix it, but it may be a glitch. this confused me too at first😩

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hey, i’m not sure if you’ve solved it or not
but once you position your character, don’t forget to copy the position of the character and paste it onto the script

copy it (ctrl+c)


if this isn’t the problem then sorry :pleading_face:

btw if you can’t do "@CHARACTER enters from [side] to spot x y z , it will become an error
but i can’t think of any other thing that would be wrong :pleading_face:

this should appear at the top of the screen


then paste (ctrl+v)


without seeing your script I guess that you combine basic directing with spot directing.

Basic directing alwys resets the height bact to the defoult.

Do when ever you use commands like

stands screen center
enters from left
exits right

it will reset the spot directing.

If you show me your script I can than tell you more in detail whats wrong.

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Hi just a note if you use enters from side to spot the character will always walk in big in the defoult size.

So when spotdirecting if you want him enter alredy in the adjustet height first spot him ofscreen and than wlk him in by using command:

@CHAR walks to spot # # # in zone # in #

omgg thank you soo much it was because i was combining basic directing and spot directing