How to make a character sit in the back rows?

You can’t get the characters behind the front seats normally, you would have to make overlays of the seats and layer it :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you please write commands how to do it? I’m still figuring out how to work with episode and I would be very thankful:)

Well, you would need to make the overlays first, so I suggest going to one of the request threads for them (I’ll find links in a second for you) and I could write examples for the commands, but I’m not the best at scripting that kind of stuff. Give me a sec :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, thank you in advance :blush:

By the way, I also have a question. You told I need to put an overlay of seats first so I write

INT MOVIESEATS- NIGHT with INT MOVIESEATS -NIGHT as an overlay, but it shows me an error as it’s not an overlay. BUT when I had a scene at the cafe I wrote INT BAKERY -DAY with INT BAKERY- DAY (as an overlay) and the program was ok with that! But INT bakery day isn’t an overlay as well, so what’s the difference?

Here’s some threads I found (I’m still adding them):
@Episodestudio may help you

@Kyralynn could help
@ChayChay can any of your girls do it?

And to answer your question, that’s not really how it works. You have to make separate overlays for it instead of adding the background again, which is why I’m finding request threads for you. I don’t understand why it works for one and not the other, though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, thanks for answering)

No problem, hopefully somebody can make the overlays for you. I would do it myself, but I’m not that skilled :joy: If nobody on those threads answer or if they can’t do it, just keep searching around for someone who can.

Moved to Directing Help & Tips as you are asking for assistance and not an art request. Thanks!

I can help if you havent gotten your overlay yet

Thank you!!

I have just downloaded an overlay INT. MOVIESEATS -Night to put it on the same background so it had to make it look like my charecter sits in the back row, but it didn’t work because this overlay looks very unnatural on the background, it still can’t figure out how to place a charecter :cry:

I’ll be so thankful if you could help!

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Heres what i did

If you want to sit in 2nd row

Seat in 3rd row

Ill make the other ones give me a few mins

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Are these what you needed?

I was sleeping sorry… I’m trying to read now

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They are awesome, thank you very much!!

So, if I understand correctly I will need to write
INT. MOVIESEATS NIGHT with (these seats) at layer 1

And then place a charecter at layer 0, right?

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Yes like that

If you want many characters sitting you can do it like this

then just move the overlays and characters by layers

You saved me so many nerves, have a nice day and thanks again :wink: