How to make a character slide to another spot in Limelight?


Hi everyone,

I’d like to make a character slide from point A to point B in Limelight.
I saw a lot of sliding in INK stories and I’d like to reproduce it.

Does anyone have any idea to make this ?

Thank you :slight_smile:


@NAME walks from screen left / screen right to screen left / screen right AND NAME is animation


Hi, thank you for your answer :

I wrote this
@SARA walks to spot 1.0 52 94 in 3.0 AND SARA is walk_neutral_backward_loop

but actually the character doesn’t walk backward, the character just faces the other direction and walk.

I can’t find what the mistake is :confused:


You need to make them face the direction you want them to face. Also it’s best to use “does it while” instead of “is” when you make a character walk/move while doing an animation

@CHARACTER walks to blah blah and CHARACTER faces left/right and CHARACTER does it while animation


Yeah thank you. It works perfectly :smiley:


Thanks to all those who responded! Closing thread :v:t2: