How to make a character upside down?

Lets say I want my character do a hand stand, or be hanging from a wall. How do I make the head face down and the legs up?


It’s the same as spotting

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Except the numbers r different

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No, not a laying character. A character with her head down. You can’t do that with spotting because you can’t rotate them…

Go to preview or something first

Then make the character very very very small then I think it will become upside down

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To turn a character (or overlay) upside down you make the size coordinate neggative.
But, notice that in doing so you change the location of the character (or overlay) on screen, so you need to replace them where you want them.

@CHARACTER spot -1.280 164 1076 in zone 1 <— upside down center screen in zone 1
as to @CHARACTER spot 1.280 160 0 in zone 1 <— normal screen center in zone 1




Thank you!

You’re welcome.
Happy coding.


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