How to make a character walk out of a scene with a certain speed?

Hey! As you saw by the title, I need help with making a character walk offscreen in a certain amount of seconds. I saw it in a story once but I can’t remember the name. Basically it’s supposed to be something like @CHARACTER exits from zone 1 in 5 and then the char is supposed to be walking out of the screen but at a faster speed. If anyone knows how to do this, please help! I have been trying to do this for so long!!

What exactly is their path of action? Walking from one zone to another then exiting, or entering from one side of a zone and exiting from the other?

@CHARACTER exits left/right in #


Basically she’s in a spot and then I want here to exit the scene, not walk into another zone. She is currently in zone 1 so I want her to exit left to make it look like she’s leaving the room.

This worked. Thank you!

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Aha, whoops. I was thinking you were asking for something a little more complex. Dara was absolutely correct :see_no_evil:

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