How to make a characters family look like them automatically?

I’ve seen a lot of stories where you can make the characters family members look like them automatically after cutomizing the main characters (have the same eye, hair, skin colour as them) without the readers having to customize them all. Because I myself find it frustrating to have to customize 1754359527592 people you know?
So can anyone please tell me how to do that please?
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Omg thank you so much :two_hearts:
But can you tell me when I should do this? like right after the customising the MC or right before the family member’s first appearance in the story?
And also do I have to do it only once or every time that I use the character?

you can use it whenever you want, however i suggest you show the family members in your chapters before the customization.

as for the CC the readers make stays until the end of the story.

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