How to make a check mark and cross mark tappable?

Hi. How do I make a check mark and x mark tappable for when someone is done reading something?

Here are the overlays:

Thank you so much!

“Overlay Name”{
outcome1 here
}“Overlay Name2”{
outcome2 here

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I tried but I think I’m doing it wrong. The overlays names are:



Idk how to code it

Could you show us your code? Maybe we can help you identify the problem.

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Sure hun. From what I got from Dara Amarie’s guide, this is what I understood:




You tapped on option 1.

} “RED-X_MARK” {


You tapped on option 2.

Did I code it wrong? I want it to show that for example, if the reader taps the green check mark that they are done reading, then a message will show asking if they are sure then have a choice of yes or no.

If the reader taps the red x mark that they are not done reading then the reader will have more time to read the message

How do I code this?

make sure you close this with }

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Okay I will try this. I will let you know if it works :revolving_hearts:

But, how do I code the choice “Are you sure?” The choices would be “yes” or “no”

I tried it and it didn’t work. This is my coding and error message I’m getting:

Uploading: IMG_20211231_111234.jpg…

Idk how to fix this :pensive:

I believe you need to hit enter between } and “RED_X_MARK” let me know if this doesn’t work!

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Okay let me try :revolving_hearts:

Hey you might need to also get rid of the line between the narrator and your text on both options
also is there an error message showing? can you take a picture of that?

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Basically I had copy and pasted Dara Amarie’s template but I have a feeling it’s incomplete or something. That’s why I keep getting an error message.

I tried uploading the error message but for some reason it isn’t uploading. I’ll try again

I cant fully see your script but did you create the green overlay

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Im assuming clicking the green check mark takes you to the next scene

Try doing

@overlay GREEN_CHECK_MARK opacity 0 in .3

continue story

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I wanted to show that after a pause of 3, a message pops up with a green check mark and red x mark. The message asks “Have you finished reading?” then the reader clicks either the green check mark for yes or the red x mark for no.

If the reader chooses the green check mark, next the scene fades out and goes to the next scene.

If the reader chooses the red x mark, it goes back to the pause of 3, then the message question pops again asking the same question.

Try something like this and feel free to change the labels


[Insert whats being read]

@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat

Are you finished reading?

&overlay GREEN_CHECK_MARK create AND overlay GREEN_CHECK_MARK opacity 1 in 0 (add the scale and shift)

&overlay RED_X_MARK create AND RED_X_MARK opacity 1 in 0 (add scale and shift)

&overlay GREEN_CHECK_MARK opacity 0 in .3
goto END
&overlay GREEN_CHECK_MARK opacity 0 in .3
&overlay RED_X_MARK opacity 0 in .3
goto START

Label END

Without using what i said above heres some things you can change and try that out

-In the last pic of your script you showed me on the lone under label start_mark you do the opacity command for the check mark 2x

-you might need to say opacity 100% instead of 1

Also what is the reader reading? Is it an overlay or a background that you have can you take a picture of the code above?

And were your overlays approved im guessing they are I’ve never seen underscores in an overlay but im guessing thats not an issue but maybe re upload your overlays without the underscore?

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I’ll try that!

The phone with the message is an overlay. The picture behind the phone is a background.

As for the underscores used, it doesn’t matter because I used it for her tappable mirror dressing game :revolving_hearts:

It worked! Thank you so much! This thing was hurting my head how to fix it :sweat_smile:

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No problem! Glad it worked out :sweat_smile:

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