How to make a choice based on the points system?

Hello everyone, pies. I would like to consult and find out how to do it better. There is a system of Points in my history. I assigned points for a certain choice to my main character of the story.

And in the end, I made a promise to my reader that based on these points, I will give him a CHOICE.
I want to make it so that, for example, if there are not enough points, in the Choice section, the choice that will be positive for the story looks like a BLOCKED one.
And if there are enough points, it looked like an OPEN and possible choice.

How to implement this in a script?
I hope I have described my idea correctly… I hope very much…

Please help me :frowning:
Of course, I could just make the if or else or elif command, but for some reason they do not function correctly, and it does not look very interesting.

its done somethink like this - the option 1 is locked for all who have less then 7 points and accesible for who whave 7 and more points:

Option 2 is accesible for all - but you can add similar conditions if you need

label final_choice
Bla bla bla
“option 1” if (POINT <7) {
Sorry you don’t have enough points to unlock this scene.
Do you want to open this scene with gems?
goto final_choice
}“option 1” if (POINT >6) {
goto scene_1
} “Option_2” {
goto scene_2


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