How to Make A Choice Go Away When Sent Back to It

So I’m starting a new story and I’m trying to make the reader choose first, whether they want to change their name or customise their character first. So for example, if they pick customise I want the reader to be able to choose between keeping it the same, changing to pp or actually customising it. I know how to code it all, I just don’t know how to go back. And I mean go back as in to the name and customise to make which ever one the reader chose to disappear. Please if anyone understands this and is willing to help I would be so grateful! :relaxed:

You could make a duplicate? I’m sorry I don’t fully understand ahha

wait do you mean labels??

Sorry for confusing you :pensive:
So to put it simpler, I made a choice for the reader to customise the character or change the name first.
After I put in the script templates to change the character’s name and their appearance, I put a label at the very start to send it back to the choice, but i don’t know whether I can get one of the choices the reader has done to go away.
I was just wondering, if there was another way to make a choice disappear instead of just adding the other choice the reader didn’t pick to follow on the choice they chose.
LOL i’m so bad at explaining things :joy:

Read this guide and scroll down the “Disappearing Choices”

Enable/Disable Choice Options with Conditions

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I wanted to help you but @Dara.Amarie had my back, haha!

TYSM! the both of you… :relaxed:

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