How to make a clock fade in and out?


Hey guys I was wondering if someone knows how do I get my fade in to look like that clock thing? Or any other way that is good to que back story


@transition iris in/out (number of seconds) color


The clock like one is called iris
So you would use it the same way as you would with normal fade in or fade outs


Thank you both @Cassandra_Dean & @Daisy_Flower1
Do you think that one is good for a back story? because I use fade one for everything else


Yeah I guess so. It could get a bit annoying having just the normal faded in and out so iris is always a good one to switch it up a bit.


In the portal if you click on “guides” at the top of the page then you can click on scene directing and then transitions and it lists them all including the colors you can use. :slight_smile:


Thank you


Thank you :slight_smile: