HOW TO: Make a coffee shop working scene?

So I’m currently doing a scene where the MC is working at a coffee shop. The current background I’m using is INT. CAFE2 - DAY. She is behind the bar fine, the only problem is her legs are showing underneath. How do I fix this?


you can either

  • zoom in,
  • move the overlay down and make it bigger,
  • Or zoom in just a little bit and then change the focus
  • or just simply make it bigger.

You can change her size, or make the overlay bigger
You can also zoom in more, and it’ll hide her feet

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maybe you should change the title of the thread since HOW TO: is used for threads where the author of the thread shares a tutorial on how to do a specific thing. :wink:

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And to your problem and possible solution

  1. make her smaller so she will fitt behind the counter - if her legs are visible than she is anyway too big from the perspective point of view

  2. make the overlay bigger so it will include also part of the floor which will cover her feet)

  3. zoom the scene so that the feet will not be visible

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