How to: make a cover! {Edited or Drawn}

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So, we all know that when arrive that moment, when our story is ready to be published and we don’t have a cover yet, we have to find something to put on!

So…here are some advices to make a perfect cover! Because the readers will find your story more interesting if your cover is brilliant!

First advice is:

Rember that like all the things you upload on Episode, your cover will be pending review. And if you have the right date when you are going to publish your story and some readers already know this date and are waiting for it, don’t make them disappointed because your cover is still pending review! Put a cover at least one week before your exact date. And I know one week is a lot of time, but trust me! If your cover get rejected you’ll have to find a new cover. And it’ll take other time!

Edited and Drawn covers?

If someone is new here, and are wondering how a edited cover will look and how a drawn. Here’s some examples of mine. Do not steal!



How to make Edited covers!

If you are willing to make a edited cover, ypu shoyld read this advices!

I make mine using an app: Picsart that is gratis. But there are a lot of others app like:


  1. Picsart
  2. Photo editor pro
  3. Canva
  4. Adobe Photoshop Express
  5. Photo Editor
  6. Snapseed
  7. Photo lab
  8. Pixlr
  9. InFrame
  10. InShot
  11. Photo Grid

For Pc

  1. Gimp
  2. Photoshop
  3. Paint.NET
  4. PixBuilder Studio
  5. Hornil Style Pix
  6. PhotoScape
  7. Photo Pos Pro
  8. Photo Mix

How to use these apps

First of all, you have to decide the characters poses and background.

You can make your character make an outfit on the writer portal and then, in the section where you create your characters:

On the char image you’ll find two sections: outfit and animations.
Click on animation and choose the animation you want your character to have. Take a screenshot.

Then u can use one of the app or pc programs to remove the background around the character.

Do it with all the chars your cover will have!

Then after finished this step, you can choose the background (not cpyrighted)(for bg not copyrighted you can check vector or Pixabay, or an Epispde bg)
Then after found the bg you can put your chars on it, with one of these apps or pc programs!

Then you can put special effects and the title!

Easier way?

If the first step for you is too difficult you can review your story take a screenshot of one of your favourite part and then with one of that apps or pc program you can add special effects and title!

Drawn covers?

A little advice, first!

Before you make a drawn cover you should practice if it is your first time!

To draw I use the app: Ibis Paint x (the most used and pouoplar)


  1. Procreate (only for apple devices) (you can find it on the Apple store)
  2. Ibis Paint x
  3. Krita
  4. Medibang Paint
  5. Picsart color
  6. Autodesk Sketchbook (more for practising)
  7. Infinite Painter

Pc programs

  1. Medibang
  2. Gimp
  3. Inkscape
  4. LibreCAD
  5. MyPaint
  6. Artweaver Free

That’s it for now! If you have any questions or problems withwith your cover you can ask me and I’ll answer as soon as possible!


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