How to make a deaf, and blind person in episode

I know a way that blind people can be in a story, and deaf people

Deaf people don’t just use hearing aids, and sign language, they lip sync, they are thought how to literally read your lips, this is done by simply staring at your lips, and reading them your lips make a certain shape to say certain words and they see the shape and are thought what that shape means, blind people don’t always have gray in their eyes, some blind people you won’t know has them, one way to make a blind person is to think while you make them and research, #1 how would you get to this spot? Would you need help!? Sometimes, one blind person developed the ability to use sound to know where he was he had cancer and lost his sight and clicked his tongue to make vibrations to make another eyesight so that he could know where he was some blind people feel things to get around, use a stick etc. And the clicking thing is a thing, some deaf people are thought how to talk, and read and some blind people are how to read by touch

That and some hearing aids are small, so you can maybe
Say they hid them, or that they are there in the story when they really aren’t, and some blind people are legally blind, like, not totally blind, but blind, they can’t really see well, it is hard, you make them have glasses, be near-sighted,

And not everyone who wears glasses are completely blind, I see well, but things are a tiny bit blurry, like if I write maybe on a certain computer I can’t see the words too well and I am bound to mess up, so I need my glasses, I love them. XD

One day my sight got to a point where surprisingly I could see a grown woman’s face, but her child sons face was blurry to me, so much so, that I could not see if, I wear my glasses a lot not and I even put them on to see little details, i don’t wear them all the tone because as I said, I well without them and can make out where I am going without them, I know what trees, and a bush looks like. XD

I can just see BETTER.

So. XD

Some blind people walk around with their eyes open, or closed, they are not used to certain things and the sunlight and etc., it uses muscles they are not used to and they keep them closed…

Just do your research and if I am wrong, or you something else that you can do, comment it below, thanks, goodbye! CX


I’m deaf!! Hope to read any episode story about deaf people!! :love_you_gesture:t2:


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