How to make a good mystery 👻

I love Mysterys! :heart: :face_with_monocle:

Tips on writing a mystery :

Read popular mystery’s (You can see what people like in a mystery and maybe get some inspiration) (DO NOT COPY THERE PLOT)

Know every detail of the crime/other (When you know every little thing it will help with creating clues and hidden clues) (hidden clues are clues that the reader does not suspect anything from it)

Make the story convincing (Sometimes authors make the story’s to simple and is less entertaining. Misdirect the character they should be on a roller-coaster of suspects and thrills.)

Make a list of suspects (When you make a list of suspects it will help you A LOT! It will show you how the story will play out and what the character/reader have to go through to get to the truth. So throwing a few walls in there faces is perfectly fine.)

Locations (Locations are important. Tell me which one is more interesting.

1) Your best friend was murders in a mall 
2) Your best friend was found murderd In a dark alley way.  

Let the reader play along! (This is what episode is all about. You need to make complex choices that lead a character in many different twist and turns. Make the reader dizzy. Well not literally but lead them closer and closer to the end by taking exciting paths)

Cliffhanger (When you add a cliffhanger people usually think that there will be more like a “to be continued” without saying it. I say make them In every single end of every single episode except for the last. Well you could skip a few episode if you wanted to :slightly_frowning_face:. Cliffhangers keeps the reader guessing and makes the reader want to watch more. Have you ever wondered why you cant stop watching that show because the suspenseful ending that everybody loves. :sparkling_heart:

Well that is all the tips I have (lol this took forever to wright :sweat_smile:)

Hope this helps for your future writing If you do decided to do mystery
(ps. Mystery is the best :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Tell me if this helps you by replying I will also make new topics of how to write other genera just reply with what genera you want some tips on.

Enjoy this:



Love this!!! Such awesome tips :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: mystery is 100% my favorite genre to read and write! It definitely involves careful planning to make a convincing mystery but it’s so worth it!

One thing I found that ended up being super helpful is listen to readers! They began suspecting someone in my story I hadn’t even thought could be a good suspect and because of their feedback I definitely used that to misdirect! Sneaky I know :wink:

I also make a full timeline of the actual crime, and then a timeline of what the characters know. When there’s hidden details and secrets it helps to have separate timelines of events depending on who knows what!


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