How to make a Good Romance story (🧐)

Ok hello guys it’s Lavenders Corner here and I’m currently making a story called Accidentally in Love and I always wondered why people get 10 reads or 10-50 I want to try to improve my reading so I can at least try to follow my dream by being a 14-year-old Writer on Episode so I want you to list your tips down Below


I I love you guys and if you’re reading the Blur spoiler bubble and please tell me your choice of a Romance story! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I think the best romance stories are about strange places or strange opportunities to meet someone, like if you want to put a bit of drama with it you can do either;
Car Accident
When they exchange details for insurance, there is a spark between the two that one character sensed and does what they can to see if it develops into something.
A nurse and a patient, patient has lost their memory and thinks the nurse is their lover, the nurse doesn’t want to upset the patient so goes along with it but as time goes on they develop true feelings for them.

Definitely try for plots that aren’t your stereotypical romance connections, I think they are overdone sometimes.

Hope this helped.

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There’s actually a great thread on this:

Hope it helps! :wink:


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