How to make a group of people walk together please help me

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I’m new at directing and I wanted to know if some of you knew how to make a groupe of people walk together ( conserving the same size and, position etc) and how to make the camera zoom and follow them as they walk. ( I’ve seen scene like this in stories like adrenaline)

thanks you a lot for your time x

For them to walk at the same time u have to put for example:

@CHARACTER walks to screen center AND CHARACTER walks to screen right AND CHARACTER walks to screen left

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And for the camera, you have to put like:

Zoom on (umber of coordination) to (%) in (time u want it to zoom)

Thanks you so much for your help!

You may need to use a LOOP background. Then place the characters where you wants (@ CHARACTER stands (screen position) AND CHARACTER is (walking animation),
For the zooming use @/&zoom on (coordinates) to (%) in (amount of time to take zooming)


@CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER is walk_talk_happy_loop AND CHARACTER faces right
&CHARACTER2 stands screen right AND CHARACTER2 faces right AND CHARACTER2 is walk_neutral

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Your welcome :blush:

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