How to make a Locked Choice!

  <LOCKED> "Insert text here"{


I suggest using gain for locked choices, since why would you display it there if it was locked? So if a character makes a messed up choice make sure that they don’t get to choose the locked choice (AKA make it locked)

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Sorry everyone I meant to put this

 <LOCKED> "Insert text here"{



Very helpful! ^^


How do I use it with a gain ?


Wdym? (Please explain)


I want to use the locked choice with character points so if the reader hasn’t got a certain amount of points they cant unlock the choice
and also if on the next episode I want to remember what happened before how would I use if else or elif to help


So basically when you make the choices that effect their character points you want to make sure you gain them.

Do you want me to make a mini script?


Just checking in, are you still there?



@zoom reset

@OWNER stands screen left AND OWNER faces right AND YOU stands screen right AND YOU faces left

OWNER (talk_shrug_neutral)
Why hello there.

“Be kind”{

YOU (talk_greet_neutral)
Hello, you have such a nice shop.

OWNER (talk_excited_happy)
Thank you very much, dear.


}“Greet in a normal manner”{

YOU (talk_neutral_unsure)

OWNER (talk_handsonhips_neutral)
Woah, such respectful manners you have.


}“Be really rude”{

YOU (talk_angry)
Wow, your shop sucks loser.

OWNER (talk_accuse_angry)
Then why’d you come to it, moron?!



YOU (talk_think_neutral)
I wonder if I can have free ice cream?

if (OWNER > 1) {
goto choice_unlocked
} elif (OWNER = 1) {
goto choice_unlocked
} else {
goto choice_locked

label choice_unlocked

Let’s see if the owner will give you free ice cream.

“Get the free ice cream.”{
Congrats! You got the free ice cream because you were nice to the owner and greeted him in a respectful manner.

gain chose_yescream

}“Don’t take the free ice cream.”{

You chose not to take the free ice cream.

gain chose_nocream

@pause for a beat

goto continue_story

label choice_locked

Let’s see if the owner will give you free ice cream.

< LOCKED > “Get the free ice cream.”{

goto choice_locked

}“Get no free ice cream.”{

Unfortunately you were rude to the owner, so you get no ice cream.

gain chose_rudecream


@pause for a beat

goto continue_story

label continue_story

So I left the ice cream shop.

@YOU faces right

@YOU exits right AND YOU does it while walk_neutral


@zoom reset

@YOU stands screen right AND YOU faces left AND FRIEND stands screen left AND FRIEND faces right

FRIEND (talk_think_neutral)
So, did you get free ice cream?

if (chose_yescream) {
YOU (talk_handsonhips_neutral)
Yes, I did get it and it was delicious.
} elif (chose_nocream) {
YOU (talk_handsonhips_neutral)
Nope, I chose not to get it.
} else {
YOU (talk_exhausted)
Cah you believe it? The owner said I was so rude and didn’t give me one.

@pause for a beat


This is a sample template from Limelight that I made-I believe they mean that they want something like this. Of course, they must have a completely different scenario in mind with different characters & choices.
(Also, this is a very simple one but did take me some time to code lmao)


lol, ikr the pain of coding is that it takes you some time XD


But sometimes it is fun lol :sunglasses: :purple_heart:


Yes please sorry was afk for a day