How to make a loop car

theres no winter car loop so how would i make one?

You mean how to keep a car moving?

yes for a new background when i find one since the website doesnt have any winter ones

Never seen a looping car before, what I’ve seen is a car against a looping background.

well i am sure i am saying it wrong

im looking for a winter background then add a car overlay for it but i want that background to be moving like they have already

You can actually find a winter background and upload as an overlay and loop this overlay as many times as you want.

all that didnt make sense

That’s why I gave you a link to guide. It’s all explained there on the bottom.


@CECILIA3 enters from left to screen left

did i type that right cause it is saying i type a word wrong


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@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER shifts to -26 -41

i keep fixing it and keeps making it super big

You need to scale your car as well while shift it if you want to have it smaller.

@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER shifts to 12 -21 AND CECILIA3 spot 0.534 229 75

this is small even the other is small
when i save it and check it it becomes bigger

SCALING Overlays (Changing the size):
@overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to % % in T

Yes, you need to add in the scale size TWICE only if you want to use this command. (if you’re just adding the overlay to the background name, you only need to enter the scale size once)
If you want your overlay to be skinny, change the FIRST scale number.
If you want your overlay to be flatter, change the SECOND scale number.

could you write it i dont understand

do you know how to set it like she said i tried and couldnt do it

@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER scales to S S

S = size (you have to write the size twice)

So you have to figure out how big you want the car. You have to play around with the numbers
Start with 0.300 and change it up as you preview it

So the code would look like this:

@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER scales 0.300 0.300

@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER shifts to 12 -21

thats the size

That’s not the size, that’s the placement of the overlay.
The size is how big it is.