How to make a lot script lines shorter

I’ve seen that when you use the customization templates episode offers, they start in a little white box with two arrows facing opposite of each other, i once clicked my keyboard on accident and that happened but I don’t remember what I pressed, so I was wondering how you could get that button, it helps with customization templates, does anyone know ?

I think this may be what you are asking for. To minimize a section of your script put a #{ on the blank line prior to what you want to minimize and #} at the blank line at the end of what you want to minimize.

Hm it did nothing,

Is this the effect you are trying to get?


Yeah! I have it the exact same way but it’s still not working

I know I have had that issue in the past, but I don’t remember how or if I was able to fix it. There may be an issue coming from other brackets within the brackets you are trying to use to minimize the script.

Aw man, thank you either way!

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