How to make a name variable? (without input)


Hi there! Is there a way for me to make it so a character calls you differently based on a choice? (NOT with input)

E.G. [Emily is a SET name, reader does NOT choose] There’s a choice: “Can I call you by Em?”

If reader says YES, is there a way to make a name variable? Something like [NAME] = Em
Same if reader says NO, but name variable is something like [NAME] = Emily

I know I can do this with gains, but that might be unnecessary if there’s a way to make a name variable.

I hope this isn’t confusing haha. Any help appreciated.


Yes, I think there is.
You just have to use “if” command
If “yes” {
gained NAME_EM
} else {
(whatever you want here)


Well, this would be using gains (something I could do, just more time consuming)

I was looking just for making a variable [NAME] like when a player inputs their name “What’s your name?”

Then the variable can just be referenced as [NAME]. I’m looking for the same as that with a SET name and not inputed. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t think that is possible with out the input


You have to name the choice, essentially.

What’s your name?
choice (NAME)
“Option 1”{

blah blah blah text

}“Option 2”{

blah blah blah text

}“Option 3”{

blah blah blah text



You’d have to name the choice and make “Em” and “Emily” the options.

Can I call you Em, or should I stick with Emily?

choice (NAME)
Em” {
Em is fine!

} “Emily” {
Please stick to Emily.

Then all you have to do is just use [NAME] in your script, and whichever name was chosen will show up.

But be careful not add anything else to the choice option names, because whatever the option name is will show up every time you put [NAME].

So if the choice looked like this:

Can I call you Em, or should I stick with Emily?
choice (NAME)
Em is fine!” {
} “Stick to Emily” {

Then everytime you would use [NAME], the reader will see Em is fine!