How to make a one character look like another



How do I have parents or siblings look like the main character?


If you have a customization template where you let your readers customize their character, you have to add those family members to the template. Under each choice add in the family and make them change their appearance at the same time MC changes their appearance.


What skin color would you like?

“Beige” {
@MC changes bodyColor into Beige
@MOTHER changes bodyColor into Beige

} “Toffee” {
@MC changes bodyColor into Toffee
@MOTHER changes bodyColor into Toffee

And so on…


Isn’t that a lot of work? Or can we do just the skin color and eye color?


You can do whatever features you want to match the family. If you just want skin color, then only do that. If you want skin and eye color, then just do those ones.


Hi! Does anyone know how to make skin color choice in order to have a fitting cell screen overlay?