How to make a overlay not come too early


I read the guide to overlay. but it not saying nothing when to pop up at a certain time. I have T already for moving a overlay, and doesn’t have to do with the timing I assume. Any suggestion?


You could change opacity to 0 to make it invisible. And you can change it back to 1 when you need it :blush:


Like having two opacity, and having pause moment between them?


Set the opacity to 0 after you have created the overlay and placed it where you need it. When you are ready for the overlay to appear on the screen you can change the opacity 1 in 0
I do this a lot in my story. It saves me so much time lol


@overlay nameofoverlay opacity 1 in .5

It will appear in 5 sec? Like this? Because where I place the overlay on the lines that where I want it to be, but how you add 0 then change to 1 where you can only have one opacity.


it depends where you have created the overlay in your script. If you have created it just before you want to use it then you only need to set the opacity 1 in 0 and it will show on screen straight away.
opacity 1 in 0.5 will make the overlay fade in for half a second.


Okay I got it lol.


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