How to make a really long story short?

My story is about a drag queen reality show where one of the contestants is a saboteur that you have to expose, there’s a lot more going on but that’s the basics of it all. The problem is that the first episode is starting to cap out at 3198 lines, and I haven’t even put in the customization code yet. Idk how to show unpublished stories but if you guys know how I can get a link to read an unpublished story maybe one of you guys can read it over and see what parts I should cut out or slim down.

I can help if you’d like. You might not need to cut down, though. If it’s 3000 lines inc. directing and etc, I wouldn’t be too worried.


If you go to the page where is says your story title and create characters/outfits/episodes etc. and you scroll down then there is a link that you can copy and paste

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