How to make a romance story intriguing?

How can I write a good romance story without creating unnecessary drama, fights and breakups all the time? In my story there’ll be LOTS OF drama. And of course, some of them will be about the main character’s relationship with her love interest. But I want the story to focus more on their friendship and bond. But I don’t want it to be boring too… What are your suggestions? Dos and dont’s?



  • take your time with showing the emotions → it isn’t a good thing if a relationship unfolds too soon… :wink: Try to make it a slow-burn relationship;
  • take your time with the drama → try not to put too many drama’s in one episode. For example use for 1 drama a few episodes;
  • give the characters time to develop there personalities… → please, try not to be simple like (Narration:) ‘I am Jane Doe, 22 years old and I love Ice Skating’ (I know the example is crazy… But this is not how real life works…).

The don’ts have a strong connection with the do’s :point_right:

  • No hasty relationships… It’s very unreal to me if MC and LI already are kissing or having a tight bond as friends in episode 1;
  • Don’t put all the drama in 1 episode → it can create chaos and can take care of it that readers can’t focus at the main storyline anymore (they’ve got distracted from the main storyline);
  • No hasty developments of characters → show the reader how amazing the relationship between MC and LI can be after months, relationships in real life will be built in months or even years not in a day. :wink:

Hopefully I could help you a little more…

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Thank you so much, I agree with all of them


Let all the drama happen naturally. It’d obvious when drama is forced in order to squeeze some more chapters out, so let it happen naturally. Maybe something that happened in early episodes has some consequences later on in the story. Don’t do too many breakups. I think one is “fine,” but too many just turns me off from the relationship as a whole.
I think focusing on their friendship and them forming a bond isn’t boring. Let them gradually get to know each other and get closer.

Some of my “dos and don’ts” for romance stories:
-Do: spent some time on character development. The characters don’t know each other, and neither do we, so take time revealing more and more about the characters as the story goes on.
-Don’t: give them a “hot and steamy” moment right off the bat. Build that friendship and then start adding romantic tension until they can’t deny feelings anymore. It’s more intriguing for the readers.
-Do: depict a healthy relationship. Show them caring for each other, being kind and empathetic. Show them doing small, thoughtful gestures, and going on drama-free dates. Also, communication. If there’s a problem, show them working through the problem and talking things through. They can have some drama and arguments and miscommunications but still have a healthy relationship.
-Don’t: follow toxic tropes. It’s super frustrating when romance stories take the overused “bad boy and qUiRkY girl” trope and make them hot-headed, stubborn, and toxic as hell. It’s a huge turn off for me and a lot of other readers.

Good luck writing your story! The fact that you’re asking about ways to write a good romance story means you’re already going in the right direction.


Thank you, this will help me a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’ve noticed with some stories, the authors give everyone the same personality.
For example:
-all characters use the same phrases and words and react similar in situations - this isn’t realistic.
-some authors are actually quite funny but they apply the “funniness” to all the characters and it takes away the liberty of having funny characters.
-lots of love interests in stories are also the same - the love interest puts up a wall or whatever but is actually soft or something.
-Finally, all main characters are the same like there isn’t anything particularly special or unique about them but they still manage to bag the love interest


I agree, I will try not to do these.

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