How to make a skip choice



please if anyone could help me that would be great
I’m writing a slight detailed love scene in my story and i know some people wouldnt wont to read it so i want to create the option but i have no idea how to go about it

Please help


Then have two choices; Don’t Skip and Skip.
Place the love scene in brackets after Don’t Skip.
After Skip, just close the bracket after having an @transition.

You could also use flags and gotos.


what do you mean by flags and goto’s? sorry still rather new at all this



There is a detailed explanation under the Complex Branching guide.

Somewhere in the script (as long as it is not in brackets) you can make a label.
i.e. label skip_scene.
Then, you can make a goto that will send the reader to a certain part of the story if they make the right choice.
i.e. goto skip_scene.

So it will be something like this.
Would you like to skip the next scene?
choice “Yes.”
As you wish.
@transition fade out in 2
goto skip_scene
} “No.”
We’ll continue the scene then.
#Insert scene here
label skip_scene


brilliant thank you! ill try that now


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