How to make a sound loop?

Trying to make the alarmclock_digital loop, help ??? :tired_face:

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Umm… Maybe try putting music in front of it.

Like this: music alarmclock_digital

I don’t know if it’ll work, so try it and tell me. :sweat_smile:


sound only does the music/sound once

music loops the music/sound


I believe you use a word music in front of the sound name
for example :
music alarmclock_digital


sound alarmclock_digital

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example: if it’s a music u put music in front of it if it’s a sound u put sound in front of it
example: sound airplane_flyby when u do that for music/sound it should be green but u can’t end ur story with a music/sound another example: music music_808_lp (EVEN IF MUSIC IS IN FRONT OF IT ALREADY, STILL PUT MUSIC AGAIN) :slight_smile:

I hope that helps! :heart:

@KarinaChongxx Instead of using alarmclock_digital loop, try using music alarmclock_digital to make the sound continue! Use music off to turn off the music at a certain point. I hope this works… good luck writing! :wink: